Inclusive Investments for Budding Entrepreneurs

Inclusive Investments for Budding Entrepreneurs: Getting Financial Support for Marginalised Individuals

Inclusive investments
Funding a start-up or new business is a difficult task even if you don’t take social, racial, economic, and political factors into account. There are many marginalised groups that don’t have access to funding like some groups do. If you are deaf, disabled, hard of hearing, BAME, or part of the LGBTQ, then you need to be looking for inclusive investments.
Getting financial support for marginalised communities means that you have to go out of your way to reach out and find such folks. It can be a tiring and long process for budding entrepreneurs to get access social capital and financial support due to the limitations set by society.
This is why groups like ICE Ventures have created inclusive policies to ensure that you can turn your business idea into the empire of your dreams. They help by empowering entrepreneurs to go after what they want. Let’s take a closer look at why this is so important.

Why Are Inclusive Investments Important?

Getting the company off the ground as a budding entrepreneur is a tough task. Any business requires the necessary funding to invest in operations, ventures, production, office space, staff, marketing, and more. This requires a lot of financial capital and support.
If you are differently-abled or belong to the queer community, there are huge chances that you don’t have access to the same options as your abled or cishet counterparts. Traditional loan settings like banks and private investors aren’t always a good option because they may not practice inclusive investment politics.
There is some progress where diversity is concerned, but there is still a lot more that can be done. If you are differently-abled or from the LGTBQ community, you can apply for investment designed specifically for such communities. This can help get your business off the ground and create opportunities for you that didn’t exist before.
The market system has become really competitive with new businesses opening and closing at every corner. To make it as a start-up business in this world, you need some support and skills. Some people have access to exclusive clubs and meetings where they can persuade investors for their business. These closed-door meetings require a lot of social capital that some people just don’t have.
There are ways around that! As a budding entrepreneur, there are definitely some steps that you can take to polish your business ideas so that they are more appealing to investors.

How Does ICE Ventures Help?

Inclusive investment means that you will be able to get the finances you need to make a real difference in your business model. Financial investment for marginalised communities doesn’t come easily because traditional means are designed a certain way. ICE Ventures is a way to bypass that so that you can get the additional support that can push your business up.
As long as you have a vision and a good plan for your business, ICE Venture offers access to investments for you. The goal for ICE Ventures is to uplift your business plans, vision, and pitch so that you can find investors on your own. They help by empowering business owners with the knowledge and skill they need to nail any investment meeting. They provide entrepreneurs with proper coaching so that they know how to scale the business to new heights. Access to all the sources you may need to transform the business into a profitable one is the main goal for ICE Ventures.
Their inclusive investment policies are based on providing equal opportunities, services, and support to entrepreneurs who may be BAME, LGBTQ, disabled, hard of hearing, deaf, or facing other challenges in life. Climbing over these hurdles is easier when you have a professional team that is supporting you.
Here are some vital services they provide that can help you in the long run:

  • Email Consultation for Free: The entire process starts off with a 30-minute free consultation that they give to entrepreneurs. You will get the opportunity to learn from the best of the best from different backgrounds, industries, and markets. This can add value to your business plans.
  • Presentation and Business Plan: Forming a sound business plan is the best way to get more investors interested in your business. The plan needs budget details so that investors can get an understanding of what the financial costs look like for your company. Creating that great pitch that will wow anyone takes some work, but ICE Ventures can get you there.
  • Practicing Pitches: Being comfortable and confident in your pitch is the only way to get investors on board. You need to perfect it, but some people may have a fear of presentations, public speaking, and questions.


If you are differently-abled, part of the LGTBQ, or facing other challenges in life, there are ways around that too. ICE Ventures is designed to help budding entrepreneurs acquire the skills they need to form a full business idea. This kind of attention and drive from seasoned experts in different industries can really shape a business. Learn more about inclusive investments and ICE Ventures here.






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