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What Type of Entrepreneurs

Do We Work With?

If you have a solid business plan and a vision for growth – you can count on ICE Ventures to give you access to investments that bring your ideas to fruition.

At ICE Ventures, we coach our entrepreneurs and so they can effortlessly scale up their business. The platform is designed to give you access to all the resources you need to transform your ideas into a successful venture.

Our non-discriminatory policies ensure equal support, services, and opportunities for everyone. In fact, some of our brightest and most successful entrepreneurs are deaf, hard of hearing, LGBTQ, BAME, disabled, and often face many challenges in life.

How Does
the Process

Free Email Consultation

It all starts with a free 30-minute consultation via email with all our entrepreneurs. This is your chance to work with a team of experts from diverse industries and experiences. We understand just how valuable your time is and will ensure that every minute you spend with us brings value to you and your business.

Business Plan and Presentation Review

A business plan is your best bet in gaining investor trust. The business plan must be tailored to the needs of angel investors and contain an estimation of the financial benchmarks for your business. At ICE Ventures, we know exactly how most venture capitalists think and what they’re looking for in a business. We can help you create a convincing pitch – from the very first draft through to the final presentation.

Practicing the Investor Pitch

When it comes to business pitches – the first impression often happens to be the last impression. You may not get a second chance. This means you can’t afford to offer a less-than-exemplary business pitch and must learn how to deliver a winning pitch deck from the get-go.
Our team can help you practice your pitch until you can communicate it with absolute finesse in front of investors. We draw in from our broad range of experiences to get you one step closer to success.
Our team also helps entrepreneurs get over the fear of public speaking, presentations, and intense question-answer sessions – something that you will have to get used to as an entrepreneur.

How Much Will it
Cost You?

We understand that most beginners have to work with very limited capital to fund their business. This is why we only charge an affordable fee of £2,000 for helping you prepare your business plan and pitch deck.

Also included is a simulation of investor meetings that mimics the tense, nail-biting experience of the real journey. We ensure that you are ready and have all your bases covered with a bulletproof pitch.

ICE Ventures often helps you connect with compatible angel investors and venture capitalists who may invest in your business idea. We do charge a success fee between 3%-8% – but only when you manage to secure an investment.

We want you to be successful and leave no stone unturned in helping you seek out the best investment opportunities.

If you have a solid business idea – then ICE Ventures can help you transform it into a successful reality.

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